Serate: Echo Photo Agency


Tuesday 17th of October, h 21.00, at Teatro alle Vigne, via Cavour, 66 – Lodi

An evening with the photo agency Echo, with Aldo Soligno, Gianmarco Maraviglia, Giorgio Palmera, Ugo Lucio Borga e Ann-Christine Woehrl.

Every action, every event, both dramatic, violent, spectacular and emotional, leaves behind a trace, influencing the surrounding environment, giving life to new stories, stories of the people who faced the events or went through them.

Leaving an ECHO.

And over these human territories, echo spreads. The photojounalists part of Echo Agency tell these stories to the world, narrating the behind the scenes and the consequences, knowing that all happens for a reason, and understanding this means getting to the bottom of the cause.

Echo, born in 2012, is a photo agency focused on long term projects and social documentary photography.


Showreel Echo new from Echo Photo Agency on Vimeo.