World.Report Award 2015


World.Report Award

Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine is very pleased to announce the winners of the V annual World.Report Award – Documenting Humanity:

Master Award – Giulio Piscitelli – From There to Here
Spot Light Award – Elena Anosova – Section
Short Story Award – Mariano Silletti – Ludovicu

The World.Report Award is closed as of 28th May 2015. We are pleased to announce we received submissions from the largest number of participants compared to previous years. This year there were 574 people from 51 different countries and five continents. In 2014 there were 463 people from 41 countries.

The jury was composed of the following:
Lucy Conticello           (Le Monde)
Renata Ferri                (RCS Mediagroup)
Matthias Krug             (Der Spiegel)
Sandro Iovine             (FPmag)
Aldo Mendichi             (Festival of Ethical Photography)
Emanuela Mirabelli      (Marie Claire)
Marco Pinna               (National Geographic Italy)
Alberto Prina              (Festival of Ethical Photography)

Please note that the official awards ceremony, where the three artists are honoured with the prizes, will be held during the dates of the Festival.

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Master AwardSpot Light AwardShort Story Award
Giulio PiscitelliElena AnosovaMariano Silletti
From There to HereSectionLudovicu