World.Report Award 2016 - Shortlist


World.Report Award

The World.Report Award 2016 was closed on 7th June, 2016.
We are pleased to announce we received submissions from an extraordinary number of participants: 724 photographers from 58 different countries.

The international jury composed by Francis Kohn – AFP, Patrick Di Nola – Getty Images, Ruth Eichhorn – GEO, Aldo Mendichi and Alberto Prina – Festival of Ethical Photography selected 10 finalists of each category, listed here below.

Master Award

A Life in Death
Gang Warfare in El Salvador
The Price of Vanity
Welcome to Europe
India – Women Empowerment

Spot Light Award

Copacabana Palace | Brazil
Inside Outside Under Bucharest
Francesco Comello (Italy)
Isle of Salvation
Little People: A new generation
Ekifire – The half dead
Ukraine Crisis -The East
In The Path Of The Pipeline

Short Story Award

The terminal – last stop Eidomeni
Digging the Future
War, Healing and Resilience
Lost Family Portraits
The Forgotten Mountains
Bakur – The Hidden War in Southeast Turkey
Inside Malawi Prisons
Waiting girls

European Photographer Award 2016 | Spain

The members of the jury for this section are Aldo Mendichi and Alberto Prina – Festival of Ethical Photography and Tania Castro – PhotOn Festival.

Javier Bauluz (Spain)
Seeking refuge for my children
Javier Carbajal (Spain)
Kaypacha | Land of silence
Essence du Bénin
Carlos F. Sueiro (Spain)
Sitio a parte do mundo
Karkinos. Triple-Negative
Baka. Guardians of the forest
Monologue about Chernobyl
Princess, a life helping victims of sex trafficking